Marine Hydraulic Services

On and off-waterfront solutions for Cape Town & Surrounding Areas

The Hose Van is a leading provider of maintenance, refit, repair and installation for hydraulic systems on modern vessels and shore-based equipment.

full range of services for all of your Marine Hydraulic repair needs

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of our industry to bring our clients only the best product, coupled with the technical know-how for any scenario.

Our 100% success rate speaks for itself, and we are highly respected for both our personal service and our expertise.

Provider of durable hydraulic hoses

Hydraulic hoses are the lifelines of hydraulic systems, tasked with carrying pressurised fluid between components.

In the marine environment, they must withstand saltwater exposure and high pressures. Regular inspections are vital to detect wear and damage, and hoses should be replaced when necessary to prevent leaks and system inefficiencies.

Hydraulic Pump Servicing

Hydraulic pumps are the workhorses of hydraulic systems, generating the pressure required for various marine operations.

THV Maintenance involves ensuring high-quality hydraulic fluid, inspecting seals and gaskets to prevent leaks, and performing performance tests to maintain efficiency and reliability.


Marine motors, whether diesel engines or electric motors, are the engines powering marine vessels.

Routine maintenance includes oil changes for lubrication and cooling, filter replacements for clean fuel and air supply, and general checks to prevent breakdowns and ensure compliance with emissions and safety regulations.

Proper servicing is essential to the reliable operation of these motors at sea.

Marine Hydraulic Servicing

At THV we understand that marine hydraulics is a crucial component of maritime technology, facilitating precise control of various shipboard systems.

These hydraulic systems use pressurized fluid to transmit power, making them vital for steering mechanisms, anchor handling, crane operations, and stabilization systems.

Routine inspections and maintenance are essential to ensuring the reliability and safety of hydraulic systems at sea.


The Hose Van offers top-notch gear for all your boating and hydraulic requirements. With over 30 years of expertise in equipment design and fabrication, our skilled team is committed to delivering exceptional customer service and top performance with the industry’s leading brands.

  • Marine Hydraulic Winches
  • MH Cargo Winches, Net Reels, Hanging Blocks
  • Eaton/ Char-Lynn
  • Bosch / Rexrtoh (Hägglun Motors)
  • Husco
  • Koblet Controls
  • Nachi Control Valves
  • Parker Hoses & Fittings
  • Pull Master Winches and Controls
  • Schroeder Filters and Strainers
  • Span Gauges
  • Sundstrand and Sauer Pumps
  • Other Related Products

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